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Spinach and Apple
local spinach, red apple, sun-dried cranberries, goat cheese, toasted walnuts, light vinaigrette


Caesar Salad
torn romaine leaves, house made dressing, Parmesan shavings, crisp bacon threads


Charcuterie Board
local salamis, sausages, smoked meats, olives, pickles, peppers


Braised Lamb Leg
ontario lamb, rosemary, olive oil, roasted garlic, mint jelly, roasted beans, bacon threads


Chef Carved Whole Roasted Tom Turkey

cracked salts, garlic, olive oil

Focaccia stuffing
sun dried cranberries, breads, herbs

turkey drippings, light cream

Cranberry sauce
house made, white sugar, fresh berries

Honey Ham
slow braised, honey & pineapple glaze, roasted, butter braised brussel sprouts

Smashed two tone potato
yellow flesh potato, sweet potato, butter, cracked salts

Roasted vegetables
local root vegetables, cinnamon, brown sugars, braised

Yule Log
chocolate log, fruits, local berries

Local Fruits and Berries

Free trade coffee, imported teas, dairy sugars

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