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Plus $25.00 Delivery (Milton Area)

Plus $50.00 delivery (Outside of milton)

Plus HST 13%

(Based upon 15 guests)


California Rolls

crab/vegetarian rolls, wasabi, pickled ginger, light soy (Vegetarian/Vegan)


Stuffed Mushroom Caps 

fire grilled caps, crab chunk, roasted garlic, chunk parmesan 


Caesar Salad

focaccia croutons, house made dressing, regiano shave (Vegetarian)


Fire Grilled Chicken Satays 

marinated fillets, fire grilled, pineapple, grape fruit fruit glaze, mint 


Imported and Domestic Cheeses

local hard cheeses, soft bries, old cheddars, wood smoked mozzarella, firm cheeses, dried fruits, crackers (Vegetarian)


House Made Bruchetta 

garden tomato, onion, olive oil, roasted garlic, aged Modena, crostini's (Vegetarian)


Poached Tiger Shrimp

jumbo shrimp, cocktail sauce, sea salts 


Fire Grilled Vegetables & Olives

local vegetables, herb, olive oil, roasted garlic, olives, cracked salts (Vegan)


Asian Vegetable Wontons

hand stuffed, vegetables, hoisin glaze, scallion, sesame seed (Vegan)

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