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All drop offs include all food, enough for each guest to enjoy.

No reheating, ready to enjoy.

Each drop off is $450.00 plus HST
Menu based upon 10 guests, each additional guest $
45.00/HST Includes FREE delivery in Milton

$50.00 Delivery outside Milton area


Spinach Salad
Local Spinach, blueberries, goat cheese, sweet onion, balsamic vinaigrette

Pasta Salad
Local vegetables, roasted garlic aioli, fresh herbs, balsamic glaze

Bread and Rolls
Local breads, baguettes, soft butter

Winter Vegetables
Local vegetables, olive oil, pink salts

Lyonnaise Potato
Yellow potato, sweet onions, paprika, slow braise

Flank Steak
Fire grilled, cracked salts, fresh herbs, mushroom au jus

Garlic and Parmesan Shrimp
Braised shrimp, roasted garlic, parmesan chunk, butter, sweet peppers, eggplant, zucchini

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