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Friday May 22nd

Option #1

Southern Style Chicken

Whole roasted chickens (2 cut up), BBQ Glaze w/cilantro, lime, tequila sauce
Cajun dusted Corn on the cob (4) w/butter and parmesan cheese dusting
& Rice with peas, candied corn, fresh herbs and southern spice
House made coleslaw with shaved carrot, herb, sweet onions

Option #2

Build Your Own Fajitas

1 lb each of Fire roasted shrimp

Fire grilled strip loin steak Fire grilled chicken breast

Shaved lettuce, pico de galo, shredded cheese, diced onions, mixed beans lime, cilantro, guacamole
Large tortilla wraps 12 pc

Rice with peas, candied corn, fresh herbs and southern spice
Spring Greens w/carrot, cucumber, onion, light vinaigrette

Saturday May 23rd

Option #1

Fish Kabobs
Shrimp, scallop, white fish skewers, fire grilled pink salts, light butter (8 pc)
Fire grilled Vegetables with olive oil, pink salts, herbs
Fire grilled corn on the cob with parmesan cheese, butter dusting
Roasted baby red potatoes w/herb, olive oil, roasted garlic
Edamame Salad with avocado, lime, peppers, cucumber, onion

Option #2

Fire grilled Steak Oscar
Strip loin steak, California cut( 8oz each), Bearnaise and scallop sauce (4 pc)

Large baked potato loaded (4 pc) w/scallions, butter, sour cream and cheese

Caesar salad w/focaccia croutons, parmesan cheese, dressing

All options are $100 each plus HST
Includes FREE Contactless delivery anywhere in Milton, Ontario
Feeds Family of Four

Delivery available between 4 to 8 pm each day
EMT Credit Card Accepted


Order deadline is MIDNIGHT day before food needed

Please email all inquiries to

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